Trust Increases Team Performance.

NeuroView is a leadership assessment that leverages neuroscience to show leaders what to do more, less or differently to create a high-trust culture within their team, which we've scientifically shown improves their effectiveness and their team's performance.

Case Study:
Learn How Neuroscience Helped Tajco Launch a Successful Leadership Development Program

High Trust Drives High Performance

The First Leadership Assessment Developed by Actual Neuroscientists.

Through 13 years of field and lab research, we've identified trust as the differentiating factor between high-performance and low-performance cultures . We then identifiied a key hormone called Oxytocin that promotes trust. NeuroView tells leaders how to promote Oxytocin release more regularly, leading to a more trusting culture and higher performance. Our studies have shown that employees in high trust cultures report:

More Productivity


More Retention


Less Burnout


Higher Engagement


More Joy


Greater Job Satisfaction


Features & Benefits of NeuroView

The role of leadership in building a culture of trust is fundamental and scientifically proven. NeuroView offers many benefits to leaders looking to become more effective, enhance team performance and build high-trust cultures.

Focused on Leaders

Created for Managers, Leaders and Executives.

Clear Application

Ideal for use in leadership development, executive coaching and leadership training programs.


A number of languages are already available and we are always adding new translations.

Ofactor model

8 Factors

NeuroView’s 8 factors have been scientifically linked to trust.

Robust Research

Based on 13+ years of research by Dr. Paul Zak, a leading neuroscientist who discovered Oxytocin's role in trust.


NeuroView was designed to be short and simple. It takes only a few minutes to complete.

The Questionnaire

NeuroView Measures 8 Key Factors

These 8 key factors have been shown to inhibit or promote the release of the trust hormone Oxytocin, which has been directly linked to enhanced collaboration, cooperation and team effectiveness. The NeuroView report shows leaders exactly where they stand on each factor and offers coaches, consultants and trainers a prescriptive approach to improving leadership effectiveness.

Praising, acknowledging and recognizing the efforts and accomplishments of others.
Communicating vision, goals and progress; Setting and communicating challenging but achievable goals; Providing ongoing goal feedback; Fostering a growth mindset.
Empowering decision latitude for others; Supporting flexibility; Fostering independence; Demonstrating a tolerance for mistakes by others; Providing the tools, support and resources required for talent to succeed.
Supporting autonomy; Encouraging self-management; Facilitating self-mastery and skill development; Creating and supporting small empowered teams.
Demonstrating transparency to internal/external stakeholder; Keeping others informed; soliciting and valuing input from others; maintaining an open door for talent to access leaders.
Developing collaborative relationships; Fostering teamwork; Supporting others; Demonstrating consideration for the feelings of others.
Coaching others; Investing in talent development; Seeking opportunities to identify and deploy signature strengths of others; Facilitating talent mobility; Creating a high impact learning culture; Supporting self-directed and ongoing learning.
Being genuine and appropriately vulnerable; Modeling integrity; Standing up in the face of opposition and interpersonal challenge; Being willing to ask for help; Expresses transparency and honesty.
A Complete NeuroChange Platform

NeuroView Is More Than Just an Assessment

Increase behavior change and measure the ROI of your program when you use NeuroView in your leadership development projects, by combining it with our NeuroChange platform, Momentor.

Momentor is our NeuroChange platform based on the latest neuroscience research on habit and behavior change. It links directly to results from NeuroView allowing you to manage, track and evaluate leadership development engagements. It provides your participants with a unique goal setting and evaluation process and increases learning transfer before, during and after their program participation.

Change Behavior

Facilitates learning transfer as part of your development programs

Monitor Progress

Enables you to keep track of your leaders’ program and development planning progress

Track ROI

Demonstrates ROI of your programs

Standardize Methods

Offers a uniform & streamlined approach to personal development planning

NeuroView Certification

The NeuroView certification program is designed to provide you with a proven process and the necessary understanding and skills to develop leaders to create a high performance culture. We have a range of training options to suit your needs, designed for consultants and HR professionals.

We offer two formats for certification, online and face to face.

Online Certification Program: The NeuroView Certification is a 9-hour program that we deliver online, and provides consultants and HR professionals with the training to use the NeuroView leadership assessment and the NeuroChange platform Momentor in their programs. Our online certification program runs regularly at various times and across different time zones.

Workshop Certification Program: For organizations that wish to certify a team of in-house practitioners we offer an in-house one-day certification program (with some pre-work required ahead of the workshop). In-house programs are for up to eight people.

The program covers:

  • An introduction to the NeuroView Model and Neurobiology of Trust
  • The role of Oxytocin in interpersonal trust, empathy and collaboration
  • An understanding of the NeuroView trust model and how it predicts organizational engagement, productivity and health
  • The neurobiology of feedback and its potential effect on emotions, motivation and health
  • Current research and best practices in the use of upward and multi-rater feedback to facilitate successful understanding, acceptance and behavior change
  • Interpretation of the NeuroView report and how to debrief the report with leaders who have taken the assessment
  • How we successfully initiate and sustain new behaviors and habits over time
  • An overview of the NeuroChange platform, Momentor, to facilitate transfer of insight into deliberate practice leading to both neuroplasticity and long-term behavior change.
  • Role-play providing feedback with the course facilitator using a NeuroView Leadership assessment report

Please contact us for more information on pricing and to book a place.

Certification Course Outline
  • Part 1
    Introduction to the NeuroView Model and Neurobiology of Trust. You will gain an understanding of the NeuroView trust model and how it predicts organizational engagement, productivity and health.
  • Part 2
    Neurobiology of Feedback. This session will review current research around the neurobiology of feedback and its potential effect on emotions, motivation and health as well as ensuring understanding, acceptance and motivation to work on one or more of the 8 NeuroView factors.
  • Part 3
    Feedback Best Practice. Participants will be able to understand current research and best practices in the use of upward feedback to facilitate successful understanding, acceptance and behavior change.
  • Part 4
    Interpreting the Report. You will learn about the various sections of the Neuro View feedback report and will be given a "road map" for how to conduct a debrief session.
  • Part 5
    The Neurobiology of Habit Change. Review the latest neuroscience behind how to initiate and sustain new behaviors and habits over time and provide an introduction and overview of the neuro-change platform; Momentor, to facilitate transfer of insight into deliberate practice and behavior change.
  • Part 6
    Debriefing the NeuroView Report. Role-play providing feedback with the facilitator using a NeuroView assessment report to meet the final certification requirements and to ensure understanding around how to deliver the assessment.
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Free Resources to Support NeuroView

We provide a number of resources to help advance knowledge and insight into using NeuroView effectively with your leadership programs.


Created by Practicing Neuroscientists and I/O Psychologists

NeuroView was developed by Envisia Learning, Inc. under the direction of:
Dr. Paul Zak
Center for Neuroeconomics Studies
Claremont Graduate University
Dr. Ken Nowack, Ph. D.
Chief Research Officer
Envisia Learning, Inc.

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